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East Island Animal Hospital

East Island Animal Hospital
East Island Animal Hospital is the base for Creature Comforts Veterinary Housecall Practice, and we provide top notch care for your pets. If your pet needs surgery, x rays, ultrasound, or hospitalization, rest assured that they will receive the same high levels of care as they would at Creature Comforts. Our hospital is owned and managed by David and Trilby, and we pride ourselves on offering 24 hour nursing care. As one of the best equipped veterinary hospitals in Hong Kong, you can trust us to take care of your furry loved ones.  

Our clinic is fully equipped for consultations and medical exams.

Laboratory Services
Our extensive in-house laboratory means that your pet will receive the majority of test results within a very short period of time, resulting in the most appropriate medical treatment possible.

Diagnostic Imaging
Our hospital has the latest imaging equipment including doppler ultrasound and digital radiography combined with very highly trained vets.

Surgical Theatres
Our hospital has a dedicated surgical premises with highly trained nurses, the best surgical and monitoring equipment to make sure your pet's surgery goes as smoothly as possible.

Animal Dentistry
Pets can't clean their own teeth and often require professional teeth cleaning.  Our hospital is equipped with two dental suites to ensure pets get the best service.

Separate Cat and Dog Wards
At our hospital, we recognise that cats and dogs have different needs when it comes to their hospitalisation.  That's why we provide separate cat and dog wards, to provide the most peaceful and calming environment for a full recovery.

Blood Bank
Many animal patients require blood transfusions as a result of illness or injury.  At East Island Animal Hospital we maintain a canine blood bank and make sure we always have blood on hand for any emergency.

Oxygen Therapy
When animals have difficulty breathing, either as a result of disease, injury or an illness, we have oxygen generators and tanks on hand to help ease the strain and help the patient recover.

Chinese medicine is gaining acceptance within our society as a valid form of treatment either alone, or in conjunction with western medicine. We offer acupuncture for suitable candidates with Dr Vivian Ng.

24/7 Contact: 2915 3999

Address: No.256 Shau Kei Wan Road. Hong Kong Island 


  • Consultations
  • Laboratory Services
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Surgical Theatres
  • Animal Dentistry
  • Separate Cat and Dog Wards
  • Blood Bank
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Acupuncture