Oesophageal Feeding Tubes

An oesophageal feeding tube is a tube used to administer food, water and medications directly into your pets digestive system, bypassing the mouth via a small hole in the neck.

Its benefits include:

- ability to ensure adequate food intake
- ability to ensure adequate hydration
- avoids food aversion and stress triggered by force feeding
- allows easy administration of medications


Feeding Tube Tips

  • We recommend your pet to wear a cone collar to prevent them from removing the feeding tube.
  • Cleaning is recommended twice daily or as per your vet's instructions.
  • Just before feeding, pass 5ml water down the tube. If you notice any discomfort or coughing, do not continue to feed and please call us for advice.
  • Pass 5ml water down the tube after feeding to prevent blockages.
  • Make sure food and tablets are blended or grounded to a smooth liquid to prevent blockage of the tube.
  • If your pet vomits, please call us as the tube may have become displaced.
  • Please follow our recommendations on how often and how much to feed

Keeping it clean

The site of tube entry into the neck can be a site for infection and so proper cleaning is essential.


1.Wash your hands and wear gloves. Prepare cleaning solution of diluted betadine (our bottle is ready to use) and cotton wool.


2. Prepare a clean swab square and cut a hole in the middle to allow the tube to pass through. Pour some betadine around the hole edges.


3. Remove the outer bandaging and place to one side. Remove


4. Clean the skin around the hole and along the tube gently with the betadine soaked cotton wool. Remove any scabs and dried discharge if present.


5. Apply the new swab over the hole, allowing the tube to pass through it.


6. Reapply the outer bandage layer(s) and secure the tube into position.