Having your pet diagnosed with cancer can be very worrying. However, these days there are lots of things we can do to manage the disease and to ensure your pet is comfortable.


Chemotherapy may be suitable for some cancers but not all. The vet will help you to decide if it is a good option for your pet and will discuss the benefits and risks. Chemotherapy in animals does carry some side effects but generally these are not as dramatic as those seen in people. Common signs include vomiting or diarrhea and a reduction in the immune system and so regular monitoring is essential. Animals do not lose their hair as we see in people.


The vet may suggest surgery to remove all or part of the tumour in some cases. This may be used in conjunction with chemotherapy or other treatment Unfortunately, radiotherapy is not currently available in Hong Kong.

Palliative Care

In some cases where the previously discuss options are not suitable for whatever reason, then we can help with palliative care. There are many things we can do to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy even with a diagnosis of cancer. Pain relief, anti-nausea medication, appetite stimulants and sometimes steroid therapy can all be useful in maintaining a good quality of life. There are also supplements available that have been shown to slow cancer growth and promote patient happiness. Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and acupuncture techniques have shown great results in making sure your pet stays comfortable. We have vets specially trained in Chinese medicine who can help develop a plan for your pet.