Hospital Staff Dr Richard Potter


Senior Veterinarian, BVSc, MRCVS

Dr Richard graduated from University of Queensland in 1972 and has worked in a wide variety of practices in Australia – inner city small animal, outer suburban, mixed farm animals, avian and exotic animals and emergency medicine practice.
While Richard has enjoyed the experiences of various types of practice and has extensive surgical experience, he has had over ten years experience in emergency medicine and critical care and has a special interest in this work. Richard was closely involved the development of emergency medicine and critical care during the 80's and 90's in Melbourne and more recently was involved in the early stages of an emergency center in Canberra. Richard also has extensive surgical experience in all species and before moving to Hong Kong was Senior Surgeon at a large veterinary hospital in Canberra, and has worked in advanced veterinary hospitals in both Australia and internationally.

While Richard has owned practices he is happy to forego the delights of practice management in order to concentrate on the exciting and challenging casework encountered at East Island Animal Hospital.
Richard and his Cantonese wife share the pleasure of three Chihuahuas. The dogs do not share Richard's interest in offshore sailing! Richard enjoys the stimulating cosmopolitan nature of Hong Kong and is a keen follower of Cantonese Opera and has made Hong Kong his permanent home.