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Holiday Solutions

Worried about leaving your pets while you’re away?


If you are happy sending your pet on holiday too, we can recommend some reputable and comfortable boarding kennels or a cattery.  Please note that most boarding kennels in Hong Kong require a Kennel Cough vacciation prior to admission.  Two of our favourite facilities in Hong Kong are:


Boarding Facilities


Ferndale Kennels and Cattery

Ferndale Kennels are situated in the Sai Kung Country park and is one of the longest established boarding facilities in Hong Kong.  Ferndale is also one of few facilities to accept cats for boarding.


Petworld Resort

Petworld Resort are situated in Yuen Long and provide boarding facilities as well as swimming and grooming.


Of course, during any such arrangement our Creature Comforts Veterinarian will be in close contact with the boarding kennel to ensure the health of your animal during your holiday.


Pet-Sitting Services


If your pet would feel more comfortable staying at home, we can recommend a pet sitter to come and visit your pet during your absence.  We have a partnership arrangement with Furrenz pet sitters, who provide pet sitting and dog walking services.  If your pet has any medical issues during your absence, Furrenz will either arrange for a housecall check-up, or in an emergency situation, bring your pet to our 24-hour hospital.


Alternatively, if you'd like to leave your pet at home in the care of your helper, but are worried that something may happen in your absence, we can arrange for one of our vets to visit your home every few days to check on the well-being of your pet.


Whatever your situation, we'll have a solution that suits you.