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Dr David Gething


Founder of Creature Comforts Group

BSc(Vetbiol), BVMS(Hons)

Dr David enjoys seeing patients in the comfort of their own homes. Although David's days are mostly spent on the road visiting his patients, he works closely with all of the vets at East Island Animal Hospital overseeing cases in the hospital. 

Dr David graduated from Murdoch University in Australia with first class merit honors and has practised in Perth, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Dr David has been awarded the Walthams Regional Small Animal Nutrition Award, published research papers in Exotic Animal Medicine, has been an invited speaker at the Australian Veterinary Association Conference and has completed post-graduate training in Small Animal (Dog and Cat) Internal Medicine and Small Animal Oncology (Cancer) Medicine and Surgery.

In his spare time, Dr David enjoys spending time with his wife Trilby and two young daughters, and doing a little swimming, cycling and running.