Vet Housecalls: 9773 0372
Nurse Housecalls: 9225 7395
East Island: 2915 3999
Veterinary Centre TKO: 2915 7007

Food & Medicine Deliveries

Vetopia - Online Ordering Made Easy

Vetopia Pet Supplies is the sister company of Creature Comforts Veterinary Housecall Practice. Vetopia home delivery service is specially designed to help make pet ownership in Hong Kong simpler, easier and more convenient, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the company of your pet. Whether you require snacks for your cat, reliable dog food delivery, timothy hay for your rabbit, or food for your fish or bird we can provide a fast and convenient service. Vetopia supplies only the highest quality veterinary approved products at great prices.

Food Delivery

Vetopia can arrange cat or dog food delivery, consisting of quality Hills, Royal Canin and Orijen products, right to your door.
We can deliver both prescription diets (for specific medical conditions), and science diets (normal maintenance foods). You no longer have to make that trip to the vet or pet shop every few weeks to stock up.
Have a look at our website for fast, easy and competitively priced pet food delivery.


Medicine Delivery

We can arrange for general medication including heartworm, intestinal all-wormers and regular prescriptions to be sent to your home. All medicine deliveries are arranged through Creature Comforts Veterinary Housecall Practice. You can either contact us when you are running low by phone 9773 0372 or email. There is no charge for delivery.


Tel (852) 9773 0372
Fax (852) 2575 3530