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Stress-Free Transportation to the Vet

We have done our best to create a stress-free environment for your cat within our hospital.


But what about transporting your cat to the hospital in the first place?


As many owners know, trying to place cats into the carrier and get them to the clinic can be even more stressful than the visit itself.


Here are some tips to try and make the trip a bit easier for everyone:


Use a top-opening cat carrier.

Trying to struggle with a cat into a small front-opening carrier can be very stressful and difficult.  Here are some carriers that we recommend as they are top opening and easier to get cats into and out of.



One for Pets Cozy Carrier



Richell Double Door Pet Carrier



If the only time your cat ever sees the cat carrier is when she's going out to a strange place, she will associate the carrier with a negative experience.  If you have the space, leave your cat carrier out in the living area of your home as much as possible.  Play with your cat in the carrier. Give her treats in there. Try to make associations that are happy and fun. 



Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that has been developed to mimic a cat's naturally produced pheromones.  It is available in a spray or diffuser.  If your cat dislikes the cat carrier, a few sprays in the carrier and then covering the carrier with a Feliway infused towel could greatly reduce anxiety. Feliway is completely safe for cats and people, and is not a drug or sedative, and This is available for purchase at our clinic or online here: Feliway online at Vetopia.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to give advice if you are having any difficulty getting your cat to the vet. And if your cat is really not happy leaving the safety of home, a housecall might be a really good option for you. Let us know and we'll be happy to arrange a Creature Comforts Housecall.