Vet Housecalls: 9773 0372
Nurse Housecalls: 9225 7395
East Island: 2915 3999
Veterinary Centre TKO: 2915 7007


I was introduced to Doc David Gething, some 5 years ago. He's taken the best care possible, of Chico. He's Kind and super efficient and Chico, though normally quite frenetic, is calm and delighted to see Doc whenever he visits.
The team at Creature Comforts is wonderful and respond instantaneously.

Chico and I will miss you when we leave HK. Thank you Creature Comforts.
Both Dr Davids (mostly Dr David Gething) have taken the most exceptional care of our two dogs over the past 4+ years with Trilby providing amazing office support. It's a true 'best in class' operation and we'll miss it greatly now we're back in Australia.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our girls in HK. It's the best recommendation I received when I moved to HK and can't recommend the practice highly enough to others.
I highly recommend both Dr. David Gething and Dr. David Quach who are both highly qualified and caring vets, who have been looking after our two dogs over the past 3 years. Creature Comforts takes care of all necessary routine check-ups & vaccines & permits, as well as emergency consultations.

Communication and follow-up is excellent, and there is always someone from their team available for a house call, which is very convenient & stress free for both dogs and pet owners.
I couldn't recommend the Creature Comforts team enough!!! I have a reactive dog who doesn't like to be in enclosed spaces with dogs she doesn't know. Having a house call vet treat her in her home environment makes vet appointments so much less stressful.

My dog became quite sick this year, and it was wonderful to have the full support of Dr David, Dr Quach, Trilby and their wonderful team through this difficult time. Everyone went out of their way to look to get her well, and I'm happy to say she is on the road to recovery now.

Thanks so much to the Creature Comforts team!!
I was blown away by the professionalism, knowledge, calmness and general manner of Dr Gething. Not only is he a great vet, he also also a genuinely nice guy who obviously cares about the stress levels of our pets.

I'd highly recommend to anyone (especially with a skittish pet like mine)!
Dr David is a wonderful Vet. He and his wife Trilby, and the rest of their team always ensure our cats are well taken care of and in tip-top shape. Customer service is friendly fast and efficient - they truly care about the pets and their owners.

I highly recommend Creature Comforts.
As always great customer service and pet care.

Dr Quach always has all the time it takes to answer all my questions and I never feel rushed. I trust all the advice he gives me and always feel reassured after his visits.
Ella (my dog) seems quite happy when he visits our home and examinations are always done very calmly.