Vet Housecalls: 9773 0372
Nurse Housecalls: 9225 7395
East Island: 2915 3999
Veterinary Centre TKO: 2915 7007

A Fun Doggie Destination

Can you imagine your dog jumping for joy every time you took him to the vet?  What if every visit was fun, happy and a special outing for you and your best friend?  That is what we are trying to achieve at Creature Comforts.



When you enter our clinic you will be greeted by one of our caring and dog loving staff.  All of our staff members, from the reception staff to the nurses to the vets have received internationally recognised training in dog behaviour.  Your dog will be welcomed by our staff and offered a treat (if he's allowed to eat one), and given a lot of attention.  While you wait, you may attach your dog to one of our 'doggie parking' clips, so he can sniff around and feel at home without you having to hold him.


We would love to see you and your dog, even when  you don't have an appointment. Pop in for a coffee (for you) and a treat (for your dog), and have a chat with our lovely reception and nursing staff.  We want your dog to feel comfortable and at home during every visit.  If they can associate the clinic with having a great time, it will make those visits when he's feeling unwell a lot more comfortable.  If your dog has special treats, feel free to bring them along so we use these during the visit.


If there is anything we can do to make your dog's visit more enjoyable, please let us know.  It is our goal to make every visit a great one.