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Creature Comforts Veterinary Group launches CBD Pet Tinctures

As a small family business with a big heart, our Chief Veterinary Officer and Co-Founder, Dr. David Gething, is humbled to have helped tens of thousands of pets both in their homes and in our clinics. In his pursuit of wellness, Dr. David discovered CBD. Believing deeply that its natural properties and efficacy could benefit animals as much as humans, he decided to conduct his own research and trials to develop a best in class product. Creature Comforts CBD brings the heart of Creature Comforts Veterinary Group into the home of our clients helping pets find calm, comfort, and peace of mind.

Bespoke Pet Supplements

Setting the standard in pet wellness, our vet founded, and formulated CBD products include both multi-purpose and targeted supplements. Each tincture formula has been specifically crafted for Creature Comforts CBD by Dr. David in collaboration with our pet nutrition scientist. Creature Comforts CBD harness the brilliance of nature with ingredient science to craft high-quality botanical blends. These hemp-derived formulations begin with cold-pressed oils and are infused with carefully-curated ingredients and a high concentration of actives to deliver the highest quality product with effective results. 


The Wellness Oil

This first product in our CBD pet supplement line, The Wellness Oil, is a gentle introduction to pet CBD made with a high-quality CBD Isolate that supports a dog’s wellbeing across various concerns such as anxiety, immobility and inflammation.


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