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Bladder Stones


Whenever animals eat food we take in nutrients, energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals. These elements are used by the body to grow and repair, but if there are very high or low levels of certain nutrients problems can result. Poorly balanced pet diets are often very high in magnesium and phosphorus, and when these minerals are released into the bladder they can crystallise and form stones. Over time these stones grow and can eventually become very large - up to the size of an orange. Bladder stones cause irritation and discomfort to the bladder, and can cause blockage of the urine leaving the bladder. This is a potentially life threatening problem.

Common signs of bladder stones include blood in the urine, passing small amounts of urine frequently or difficulty urinating. If you see any of these signs please let us know. During examination our vets will externally feel for stones, and in some cases an x-ray or ultrasound may be required. Animals with stones usually need to have them removed surgically, and are then placed on a special diet to prevent new stones from forming. This is a very treatable problem but if left unchecked it can become extremely serious.