Vet Housecalls: 9773 0372
Nurse Housecalls: 9225 7395
East Island: 2915 3999
Veterinary Centre TKO: 2915 7007

What We Do?


Vet Housecall

Our housecall vets, Dr David Gething, Dr David Quach and Dr Roy Jones, will take the time to assess your pet thoroughly and answer any questions you might have.Forget the stress and hassle of transporting your pet down to the clinic, finding parking or arranging taxis, sitting in a waiting room full of animals. You never know, your dog or cat might even like seeing the vet.

Nurse Housecall

Creature Comforts Nursing is perfect for any time your pet needs nursing care at home, such as surgery rechecks, prescribed injections, giving pills or other medication, aged care, bandage changes, fluid therapy or just checks while you’re away. Our nurses are also happy to provide general advice on feeding and care.



East Island Animal Hospital

In emergency situations, Creature Comforts has the support of East Island 24hr Animal Hospital. Established in 2003 and with vets on staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these state-of-the-art facilities provide you with peace of mind that should an emergency arise, you always have the assistance of veterinary staff you can trust.


Animal-ambulance & Medicine delivery

We operate an animal-ambulance service, and can arrange transport of your pet down to our hospital in a serious situation. We can arrange for general medication including heartworm, intestinal all-wormers and regular prescriptions to be sent to your home. All medicine deliveries are arranged through Creature Comforts Customer service. There is no charge for delivery.




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