Vet Housecalls: 9773 0372
Nurse Housecalls: 9225 7395
East Island: 2915 3999
Veterinary Centre TKO: 2915 7007

Pet Care Solutions

Pet owners of Hong Kong often require advice regarding their pets that isn't directly related to their veterinary requirements.  This may range from discussions about grooming requirements, what to do when you go on holiday, advice regarding training your puppy or help when deciding what type of pet is suitable for your family.  


At Creature Comforts we aim to provide pet owners with advice and assistance in all areas of pet ownership.  So if you have a question relating to your pet - please feel free to contact us anytime.  Areas in which we can be of assistance include:


  • Boarding and pet-sitting
  • Transporting pets overseas
  • Adopting a new companion
  • Training advice for puppies and older dogs
  • Grooming recommendations
  • Diet and exercise advice
  • Pet shop recommendations