Why Choose Us?

Creature Comforts provides a very different service than the average veterinarian, and there are many advantages for both you and your pets.


Experience Dr David, Trilby and all of the Creature Comforts staff have over a decade of experience in providing housecalls across Hong Kong.


Relax Animals are more relaxed and enjoy seeing the vet – a friend coming to visit them.


Convenience Gone are the regular visits to the vet clinic, with taxis, parking and a waiting room full of other animals. The only time spent in a housecall consultation is time with you, your pet and the veterinarian.


Full Support Facilities Creature Comforts is the only service in Hong Kong to have the backing of our own full 24 hour animal hospital, East Island Animal Hospital, including the critical care Animal Emergency Centre and the purpose-built East Island Surgical Centre. What ever situation arises, we can help.


Quality The average housecall consultation is significantly longer than the average clinic consultation, and your pet can be properly examined in their own environment, relaxed and happy, with personalised care.


Time and Ease Decide on a time which suits you. No travelling in cars, no examinations on a cold clinic table, just a gentle and compassionate experience.


Safety Apart from being surrounded by unfamiliar and sometimes aggressive animals, veterinary clinics examine and house sick animals, putting your pet at risk of nosocomial (hospital-related) infections.


Multiple pets Examine more than one animal on the same visit.


Environmental Evaluation By visiting your home, a more complete examination of your pets’ environment can be made, including possible contributing factors to behavioural or medical problems.